As we have entered into unprecedented and uncertain times with COVID-19, we agree with, and will abide by, all steps that are being taken to ensure the safety and health of our families, friends and fans.

As is obvious, all gigs are canceled until further notice; we will continue to update our calendar as time progresses.

Throughout the past 14 years, local businesses and all of you, our fans, have supported JUMBOshrimp and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Both of us are fortunate to have full-time day jobs besides this fun, musical endeavor we call JUMBOshrimp.  
Some of our closest musican friends and business owners are not as fortunate, as their livelihood, and 100% of their income, is dervied from entertaining us with their music and providing venues to allow us a space to be entertained.  As such, w
hen you have the opportunity, please support local businesses and musicians.  Get a take-out or delivered meal.  Watch Facebook LIVE events and tip the musicians.  These are small ways we can all show our appreciation to those who have provided for us for so long and need our help at this time.

We look forward to the time when we can again meet face-to-face.  We look forward to gigging again, playing the music we love for the fans we love.  We look forward to sharing a drink with all of you to celebrate getting through such tough times together.

During these times, remember to be kind to one another; we are all in this together.

Until we see each other again... Peace and love to all.

~ Tom & Ian




THANKS TO YOU… our family, friends, the local Taverns, Restaurants, Businesses, Festival Organizers and EVERYONE who has decided to spend their time with us at a gig.

Your support has allowed us to be
DOIN’ IT FOR (more than) A DECADE!


WOW!  What a whirlwind schedule we had in 2019.  Our 10-year celebration “tour” back in 2016 gave us the opportunity to perform for, and hang with, so many friends… die-hard fans, familiar faces, faces we hadn’t seen in a while and many new faces.  Continuing our gig schedule throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019 provided for us more of the same.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to share such fun times with all of you.  We had a blast!  We hope you did, too!

We love, and appreciate, the opportunity to play live music in so many wonderful places.  We are honored that you allow us to bring our music into your taverns, your festivals, your private events and celebrations, your homes, your lives.   We couldn’t do this JUMBOshrimp thing without you.  And we are truly grateful and appreciate that you continue to support us.  

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our families for being so forgiving, allowing us the time away from home to do this music thing that we do.

As we enter into our 14th year, we hope that you will continue to join us for more music and more fun throughout 2020.

Thank you for making us the BIGGEST little band in Rochester, NY!